How Recycling Helps

Recycling used clothing is good for the planet

People often have clothing, accessories and shoes they no longer need , and they want a way to recycle it, instead of it going into a landfill. Clothing Collection Boxes are a convenient way for people to recycle their used clothing, as they are placed in high-traffic shopping centers they visit frequently to shop. Most of it is is excellent condition and can have a long second life. When people drop off their plastic bags, they are tied and in the original condition. This is exactly the way our customers receive the goods-untouched and unopened. The clothing items are diverted from the landfills and put to excellent use.

Recycling generates business

Used clothing sales create many jobs in developing countries for those selling the goods. Larger buyers purchase a trailer load of about 40,000 pounds, then sell individual bales to smaller merchants. Jobs are created all along the supply chain. Many people in these countries cannot afford locally made new clothing, and buying reusable clothing for pennies a garment offers them an affordable way to dress for business and school. This enables them to apply for jobs they need to dress for.

Helping our neighbors helps us too

Americans have an abundance of good quality clothing, and are looking for ways to put what they no longer need to good use. It helps our neighbors, and as an export product, reduces our own national deficit and creates jobs here at home.

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