Top 7 Concerns of Importers & Exporters

Many small business owners have dreams of expansion to overseas markets, or they have received advice from more established colleagues that going global is highest the mark of success. When it comes to international sales leads, four out of five businesses follow up. For those who DO NOT pursue these leads, trust issues are the (more…)

repurposed jacket from remadeUSA

Recycle, Upcycle, and Repurpose: A Designer’s Inspiration

One leather jacket – torn, stained, unwearable. Maybe it’s even missing a sleeve. What do you do? Throw it in the garbage, right? I mean, you would NEVER donate it because WHO would wear it? The same goes for one glove, one shoe, (lost, who knows where) an ink stained purse, a worn out satchel, (more…)


Clothing Drive Guide

Make a difference in your community by starting a recycling program that not only helps reduce waste in landfills, but gives inspiration to your community’s members to lighten their loads and give back. Partner with Sunrise Trading and make your clothing drive a FUNDRAISER, as well. If you are in Florida, Sunrise Trading will pick up (more…)