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Not all recycled clothing is credential grade. Credential clothing (also called “original clothing”) is made up of garments, shoes, accessories and textiles that people drop off into clothing collection bins. We sell these bags and bundles to distributors without opening the bags or grading the clothes and textiles. Our packs may contain up to 10% shoes. Shoes are not sold as separate packs.

Sunrise Trading specializes in this particular grade of quality used clothing which is:

  • Unsorted
  • Untouched
  • Ungraded
  • In the exact condition in which it was dropped off
  • In the original bags

Why is Credential Clothing Preferable?

Because the bags we collect have NOT been opened and graded, the quality of our credential clothing is of a higher grade. When graders separate out the top grade items of clothing, shoes (which may be 10% of the pack and have a higher value), as well as the sought after vintage items, they can then sell these pieces individually for a higher price. If higher value items have been removed from the bags, the end distributor does not have these items for their own retail. Because of this, credential clothing demands a higher price at market than graded used clothing.

In addition to all types of clothing and shoes, credential clothing bags may contain:

  • vintage pieces
  • jewelry
  • shoes (including boots, sneakers and sandals)
  • hats
  • stuffed animals and toys
  • backpacks, purses and wallets
  • accessories — belts, scarves, etc…
  • household linens

Sunrise Trading works directly with the collection clothing companies who pick up bages from drop boxes which are strategically placed in high traffic, affluent communities throughout Florida.

We ensure that no trash, glass, paint, oil-contaminated or wet clothing are in our distributions. We sell only top-grade credential clothing.

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