Credential Clothing

Why Our Credential Clothing is Top Export-Grade

Sunrise Trading is a seller and distributor of credential used clothing, shoes and textiles. We collect, process and recycle hundreds of thousands of pounds of top-grade credential clothing.

Our clothing is collected in Florida, which gives you a tropical weight of used clothing that is highly marketable. Our credential grade is collected and packed into 1000 pound bales and shipped by the container-load to our customers here in the US, Central and South America and Africa. The bags are unopened and ungraded, so you get the top export grade of credential.

We own and operate over 1,000 collection bins across Florida and the Northeast. We generate over ten trailers of credential used clothing every week and export over five million pounds of export grade used clothing every year around the world. Our customers come back again and again for the quality grade we offer.

Services of Sunrise Trading:

  • Export credential used clothing
  • Export shoes, bags and other accessories
  • Buy mixed institutional clothing, credential clothing, shoes, books, toys and accessories.
  • Buy and export textile products, both pound goods and yard goods.

We are passionate about offering a quality product. The relationships we’ve developed with our buyers and suppliers explain why we have as many friends in the industry as we have customers.

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