Clothing Drive Guide

Clothing-Drive-FundraiserMake a difference in your community by starting a recycling program that not only helps reduce waste in landfills, but gives inspiration to your community’s members to lighten their loads and give back.

Partner with Sunrise Trading and make your clothing drive a FUNDRAISER, as well. If you are in Florida, Sunrise Trading will pick up your clothing, recycle it, and pay you on the spot for what you collect. Contact us to find out more.

The beginning of each four seasons is the time to organize CLOTHING DRIVES.

Organizing a drive is simple. The most important thing is to make it easy for your community to get involved: create a one-stop, convenient location for everyone to drop off their used clothing, shoes, linens, purses, stuffed toys, curtains, blankets — most anything made of fabric or leather is fair game.

Here are a couple of tips to ensure your CLOTHING DRIVE is a success:

1. Planning.

It takes time to get the word out, so plan your Clothing Drive at least 6 weeks in advance. Choose a leader(s) or point person(s), secure a location, arrange for lots of support staff (volunteers), and start to get the word out.  How?

2. Publicize, publicize, publicize.flyer for Clothing Drive

Create a simple and easy to read flyer with the location, date and exactly what is being accepted. Ask merchants and community hot spots to post the flyer in their establishments. A prime spot for flyers is in restrooms at favorite cafes and restaurants in your community.

Word of mouth is also very powerful:  have leaders make announcements at churches, mosques and synagogues on meeting days. And have a liaison in every neighborhood who can spread the word.

The flyer should include what you want, and what is not acceptable. Make sure to include that stained clothing and textiles are acceptable, but that everything should be clean and dry. Schools, churches and community centers will often host clothing drives, and are good at making announcements to their members.

3. Be ready.what to bring to a clothing drive

Sturdy kitchen bags are best. Have some on hand, in case people bring loose items. And have lots of volunteers available to inspect and bag items as they come in, so you’re not overwhelmed at the end. Bring rubber bands for pairing shoes. It’s NOT important to keep similar items together, but make sure there are no sharp objects that can poke through bags and harm handlers. Wet or mildewed items should also be separated out. Pair shoes with rubber bands or tie shoestrings, and roll together matching socks and gloves. Also, one shoe or a single, unmatched glove provide raw materials for artisans who “repurpose,” so encourage participants give these too.

When your items are all bagged, we will come pick them up. It’s that easy.Finding Volunteers-for-Clothing-Drive

4. Have Fun.

Having clothing drives as part of other community events. This will attract more participants. You can even have a prize for the community member who gives the most.

Giving feels good. Provide your community with a genuine feel good opportunity. They will thank you for this and for inspiring them to clean out their closets.

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